Danielle is an accountant who has been part of the Scout Association and Girl Guiding for the last 30 years. More recently, she has been part of the Scout Association Events Team.

Danielle has been involved with CIOFF UK’s flagship festival (Billingham International Folklore Festival) for over 20 years and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2018.

Working with Billingham International Folklore Festival, Danielle has held various roles prior to being appointed to the Board, including Festival Photographer, Kids Club Organiser, Arena Manager and her current role as Arena Director. Through these experiences, Danielle has developed her skills, which has facilitated her involvement in other projects & events.

Danielle enjoys looking back on the bright Mexican rainbow ribbon dresses in the pictures of her as a small child when her mum and auntie took her to the Folklore Festival concerts and parades at the age of 11 months! This was her first experience of a CIOFF® event and it obviously made quite an impact as Danielle has attended the festival as an audience member or volunteer ever since!

Danielle’s first involvement with CIOFF UK was as a Youth Representative during the CIOFF® World Congress held in Stockton in 2004. She then attended a Sector Meeting in Dublin, Ireland in 2005 as part of her role. It was several years later when Danielle’s involvement with CIOFF began again, when she took on the role of President from February 2019 to February 2021. Danielle is currently a Member of the Board and continues to take an active role in the projects and events hosted by CIOFF UK.